David Cordero

About me

Hi there, my name is David Cordero. I am Software Engineer currently working as Mobile Developer at Zattoo.

I feel very passionate about coding and lifelong learning and I love doing sport.

Work experience


I joined the tvOS and iOS team of Zattoo in 2016. Since then I have been working in the development of both Apps. A development based on shared frameworks that allow us to share code between iOS and tvOS with a high level of testability and scalability.


Since 2012 I worked in Schibsted as a internal consultant, which gave me the opportunity to learn a lot not only about new technologies, but also about methodologies, management and scalability issues.

In Schibsted I had the chance to work with people from all over the world, which allowed me to discover different ways of thinking and working.

I learnt a lot about software architecture, clean code and testability.

Mirada PLC

In June 2010 I joined Mirada PLC. I worked as a member of the middleware team as a C and C++ developer to create a DVB-C application from the scratch. In Mirada I had the opportunity to work with brand new technologies, creating an application based on Qt and QML (Qt Quick).

Alcatel Lucent

I joined the Alcatel Lucent team in 2008. I worked as a C developer for Linux Embedded systems to create IPTV platforms implementing the software for the set top boxes. In this position, working with low capabilities hardwarde, I acquired a lot of experience as software developer and also knowledge about the different video technologies. I worked with cross compilers in addition to Linux sockets, threads, dlna, upnp, igmp and concurrency management.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me at david@corderoramirez.com for any question.


You can find here below some of the projects in which I have been working on:

TvOSScribble, handwriting numbers recognizer for Siri Remote.

Rubustrings, script to check Localizable.strings files of iOS Apps.

FocusTvButton, light wrapper of UIButton that allows extra customization for tvOS.

TvOSTextViewer, light and scrollable view controller for tvOS to present blocks of text.

BlurFace, swift component that allows to blur faces in an UIImage quite easily.

iBadajoz for android, simple android App with information about my hometown.

iBadajoz for iOS, simple iOS App with information about my hometown.


Personal blog

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