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Strings validation with Rubustrings

29 Sep 2014 » ios, ruby

Rubustrings, a format validator for Localizable.string files.


It only needs the files to validate as arguments

./rubustrings Localizable.strings


Currently Rubustrings validates:

  • The syntaxis of the strings file: Just the format of each line, (“key” = “value”);
  • Special characters (\n, \r, %@, %d, %ld,…): It checks that the translation include the same set of them than the original string.
  • Special characters at the beginning or at the end: If the original string begins or ends with a white space,\n or \r it tests that the translation also does.


dcordero@silver:~$ ./rubustrings Localizable.strings
Processing file: "Localizable.strings"

✘ Beginning mismatch: " Tubasa" = "Tubasa";
✘ Invalid format: "bad format" = "because of a missing quote;
✘ Number of variables mismatch: "Web %@" = "Web";

✘ Some errors detected
dcordero@silver:~$ ./rubustrings Localizable.strings
Processing file: "Localizable.strings"
✓ Strings file validated succesfully

Future validators to include:

  • Warning on untranslated strings
  • Warning if the translation is significatly larger than the original string.